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Our Services

Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services

We offer fast and competitive service which includes critical attention to warranty repairs and convenient customer protection plans. Your repairs will be done right and done quickly. We know that every minute your truck spends waiting for service costs you time and money. We feature "Diamond Certified" technicians qualified to work on Caterpillar and Cummins Engines, Arvin Meritor Axles, Allison & Eaton Transmissions as well as other suppliers. We offer the latest computer technology in diagnostics repair.

Body Shop

Collision Repairs

Our body shop performs all kinds of repairs to all kinds of trucks. Absolutely no job is too big or small. We want you to feel confident that when you are getting work done at Oakes Body Shop you are getting the best quality and attention to detail money can buy. It is for this reason that we guarantee our repairs for one year, no questions asked. Our cross draft painting process is superior, insuring consistency and longevity after baking for one hour at 140 degrees.

Customization Service

Customization Service

Repairs aren't the only things our body shops do; our customization work is outstanding. When you come to us to customize your truck, the options are limitless - If you can dream it, we can do it, and we have the knowhow to make it come to life. From fenders and custom paint jobs to drop visors and custom hood panels, we do it all and more importantly we do it right.

Soda Blasting

We Offer The Latest Technology: SODA BLASTING!

Soda blasting is the latest technology to safely strip paint and clean most any surface. The soda blaster uses compressed air to deliver sodium bicarbonate based media (baking soda) onto the surface to be cleaned. While at the outset this seems similar to sandblasting, all similarities quickly fade once you understand the process. Sand is a hard, heavy material that can wreak havoc on any substrate. It will pit glass, tear up rubber & plastic and etch metal. Soda blasting has none of that. A properly formulated soda blasting media is made of Sodium Bicarbonate that is manufactured to be in a consistent, larger crystal size. When it strikes the material you are soda blasting the crystal explodes outward and the explosion is the force that strips your target of grease, paint, rust, mold, dirt, whatever it is you are removing.

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